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L.B. from Texas writes:
"Thanks! Everything worked out really well. My son assembled the computer and it works great! It proved to be an excellent learning experience for him!"

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Optional - Assemble your own PC project!

The best way to learn how to build a PC is to actually assemble one! We ship our computers fully assembled unless you want the fun and learning that goes with assembling your own PC! If so just order any of our computers unassembled and we'll send you all its separate parts in a DIY (do-it-yourself) PC parts kit! You put it together! Your new computer built by you will be your work of art! A work of art, unlike a Picasso, that you can actually use for a long time to come!

How to order a do-it-yourself DIY parts kit

If you want this unique DIY computer building project, when you add a Sense PC, Sense PC 2, Sense mini PC, Dream PC, Dream Big PC and Dream WS you want to the shopping cart just write 'I'll assemble it!' in the comment box during checkout. Without that comment we will automatically ship an assembled PC.

Follow our online instructions to assemble a PC

Then just follow our simple online step by step PC assembly guide to assemble it yourself! And we'll help on the phone if you get stuck or have questions - for free! If you have the will you can do it!

Great hobby for any age

We think assembling your own PC is a great hobby for a computer enthusiast of any age! Whether you do this for yourself or for a kid you want to help learn about computers, this will be a rewarding experience for both of you.

Will from California writes:
"My son assembled the pc without a hitch as it is pretty straight forward. He is saving his allowance because he now wants to build another pc. Thanks for providing a venue for new pc builder."

How to choose PC parts

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Motherboard SSD/HDD DVD CD
Power supply Case OS
Speakers Monitor Linux

How to assemble a PC

PC assembly guide
PC assembly project
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Premium Mainstream PC build
Mini PC build
Gaming PC build
Extreme Gaming PC build
Workstation Computer build
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How to choose PC parts
Dual boot Linux and Windows
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Transfer data from old PC to new PC

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