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How to choose a DVD CD drive for a PC

DVD CD drives for movies, music, pictures, data

Playing and recording or writing video, audio and data on DVDs and CDs has become everyday stuff. You need a fast DVD CD writer drive obviously. The good news is prices for these drives are low and you can get a quality DVD CD writer for around $20.

Compatibility with multiple formats

DVD CD drive

Compatibility with multiple DVD CD media formats is important. This compatibility is a common feature with DVD CD drives, so no issues here. Here are the formats usually covered, DVD-ROM (SL/DL), DVD±R (SL/DL), DVD±RW, DVD-RAM, M-DISC, CD-R/RW/ROM, CD-DA, Video CD.

Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives

Blu-ray Disc (BD) format is not at a mainstream price yet in our opinion, so we can exclude it for now. As long as you have a spare drive bay in your PC one can always be added later if needed. Then you will have two DVD drives so you can transfer files directly from DVD to DVD.

Recommendations - speed of the DVD CD drive

Speed of the DVD CD drive is important in both reading and recording. DVD write speed 24x, CD write speed 48x seems to be the current fast speed norms.

Not much more to say on DVD CD drives.

How to choose PC parts

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Power supply Case OS
Speakers Monitor Linux

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